Model Drawings Assignment

50 points

Prior to conducting a statistical analysis using moderation or mediation, one must demonstrate understanding of the conceptual relationship between the variables to be tested. The following  video describes how to develop conceptual models for moderator and mediator analyses based upon the hypotheses to be tested.

A brief note: If you are conducting a mediation analysis, be sure to use a variable with a continuous level of measurement as the mediator. Categorical variables cannot be mediators.

Submitting the assignment
When submitting this assignment, you must introduce what the reader is viewing. The write-up should include a statement of the problem statement, research questions, and hypothesis being described by the model. It should then present a figure of the conceptual model. You must do this for two separate research questions. Be sure to use the variables identified in Week 2 Quiz: Pick Topic assignment. Please note you may consider including an additional continuous variable as the mediator for any tests of mediation. I demonstrated this in the sample document and in the video. See the sample document for a model submission.  All submissions must be a single Microsoft Word document.